6: WoAA Diversity & Inclusion Panel

Purdue’s Chapter of Women of Aero & Astro and Women in Aerospace discuss how the space industry has changed when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and what we can all do to make it better.

5: Safety Procedures & Best Practices

PSP alum Silas Meriam and graduate student Robert Groome dive into rocket launch and safety procedures as well as give insight on the best practices involved.

4: How to Start a Rocket Team

Chris Nilsen joins to give a presentation on how to start a collegiate rocket team and some of the lessons learned.

3: Internship Experiences

Members of the MRF team talk about their internship experiences and some tips for people looking for those technical internships!

2: Rocket Photography

Trevor Mahlmann joins the MRF team to talk about his experience as a professional launch photographer.

1: Rockets 101

The Midwest Rocketry Forum brings on PSP advisor Chris Nilsen to introduce the basics of amateur rocketry and answer questions.