Ep 9

The Next Footprints

The MRF team talks about their experiences and thoughts on the podcast so far, and welcomes on other members of Purdue Space Program to talk about their experiences.

In this episode

Braden Grossfeld

Braden is a junior in Aeronautics and Astronautics and is on the propulsion team for PSP Liquids.

Jack Costello

Jack is a junior in Multidisciplinary Engineering and is the MRF Committee Chair for PSP.

Brynne Hunt

Brynne is a junior in Electrical Engineering and is the Project Manager for PSP Liquids.

Maor Gozalzani

Maor is a junior in Aeronautics and Astronautics and is the SEDS-USA Representative for PSP.

Jan Balk

Jan is a senior in Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Chief Design Engineer for PSP Hybrids.

Julian Petrillo

Julian is a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering and was involved as the project manager for PSP Student Launch.

Elvin Garayev

Elvin is a senior in Mechanical Engineering and is the Chief Project Engineer for PSP Hybrids.

Utkarsh Sayini

Utkarsh is a freshman in Supply Chain, Information, Analytics and is the team lead for PSP SSPI.

Production Health and Safety

Every precaution was taken for the protection of the hosts and crew. MRF podcast episodes are produced in accordance to the Protect Purdue Plan as well as local and federal social distancing guidelines.