Ep 6

Avionics: Then and Now

Part 2

Mark Paral continues the two-part series as we take a look between the rocket computers and electronics of the past and today. In the second part, he talks with Pádraig Lysandrou about current avionics and algorithms today, along with his work at SpaceX in Guidance, Navigation, and Controls (GNC) as well as his personal projects.

In this episode

Mark Paral

Mark is a sophomore in Aeronautics and Astronautics and is a part of the Avionics team for PSP Solids.

Pádraig Lysandrou

Pádraig is currently a GNC Engineer developing guidance and control algorithms at SpaceX. He has done many projects in the past related to GNC in his free time as well as projects involving tinkering with electronics.

Production Health and Safety

Every precaution was taken for the protection of the hosts and crew. MRF podcast episodes are produced in accordance to the Protect Purdue Plan as well as local and federal social distancing guidelines. Only the host and crew were present in a room, and those in the room followed social distancing guidelines and wear face coverings, with the exception of the host during recording.