Ep 3

Let’s Talk Propulsion

Maor talks with Simon Moffat from Rocket Lab, Pau Pineda from Virgin Orbit, and Scott Meyer from Zucrow Labs about the engineering processes behind rocket propulsion systems. The panel discusses the foundations of propulsion, lessons they’ve learned, and what the future holds.

In this episode

Maor Gozalzani

Maor is a junior in Aeronautics and Astronautics and is the SEDS-USA Representative for PSP.

Simon Moffatt

Simon is the Senior Propulsion Development Engineer at Rocket Lab in Auckland, NZ.

Scott Meyer

Scott is the Managing Director for Zucrow Laboratories at Purdue University.

Pau Pineda Bosque

Pau is a Propulsion Test Engineer at Virgin Orbit and a recent Purdue alumna.

Production Health and Safety

Every precaution was taken for the protection of the hosts and crew. MRF podcast episodes are produced in accordance to the Protect Purdue Plan as well as local and federal social distancing guidelines. Only the host and crew were present in a room, and those in the room followed social distancing guidelines and wear face coverings, with the exception of the host during recording.