Ep 1

Face the Challenge

Braden talks with Joe Barnard of BPS.space and Amy Comeau of The Boeing Company about the iteration process of aerospace projects, the importance of lessons learned, and how that experience creates safer and more reliable vehicles.

In this episode

Braden Grossfeld

Braden is a junior in Aeronautics and Astronautics and is on the propulsion team for PSP Liquids.

Joe Barnard

Joe is the founder of BPS.space. Starting with an ambition of Vertical Takeoff, Vertical Landing (VTVL) rockets, he now develops components for the advanced rocketry community. His philosophy has been on iterative design and constant learning through his various projects that he showcases on his YouTube channel.

Amy Comeau

Amy is a Satellite Systems Engineer on the Starliner team for The Boeing Company and a recent Purdue alumna (Photo courtesy Trevor Mahlmann).

Production Health and Safety

Every precaution was taken for the protection of the hosts and crew. MRF podcast episodes are produced in accordance to the Protect Purdue Plan as well as local and federal social distancing guidelines. Only the host and crew were present in a room, and those in the room followed social distancing guidelines and wear face coverings, with the exception of the host during recording.