The main event for the Midwest Rocketry Forum

Ep 0

Series Intro

Kicking off the Midwest Rocketry Forum with introducing your hosts for the series and how you can stay involved and informed.

Ep 1

Face the Challenge

Discussing the iteration process of aerospace projects, the importance of lessons learned, and how that experience creates safer and more reliable vehicles.

Ep 2

Build, Fly Dream

Talking with the development team for Kerbal Space Program 2.

Ep 3

Let’s Talk Propulsion

Discussing the foundations of propulsion and what the future holds.

Ep 4


Talking with Tory Bruno of ULA about his history in aerospace, the current state of the launch industry, and the future of space exploration and commercial space.

Ep 5

AVionics: Then and Now (part 1)

Going back to the ’60s and the days of Apollo with CuriousMarc and the team who restored the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC).

Ep 6

Avionics: Then and Now (part 2)

Talking about the electronics and algorithms of today’s guidance and control (GNC) systems.

Ep 7

First Steps

Talking with some of the original Purdue SEDS executive board members and discusses the chapter in the ’90s.

Ep 8

The Cutting Edge

Talking about the transformation of the commercial space industry and the challenges that come with bringing new rockets to operation.

Ep 9

The Next Footprints

The MRF team wraps up the series by talking about their experiences and thoughts on the podcast as well as talk with other members with Purdue Space Program.