The Midwest Rocketry Forum celebrates rocketeers in the Midwest and sparks enthusiasm for the space industry.

The Midwest Rocketry Forum invites all students, researchers, faculty, professionals, and teams passionate or curious about rockets to share, network, and discover the world of rocketry.

As a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Purdue Space Program, the theme for the inaugural year is Footprints: Revisiting the Past to Step Toward the Future. We’ll be looking at how we got here when it comes to space and rockets, looking at the monumental leaps that marked history, and what steps are being made now to shape tomorrow.

What to Expect

Podcast Series

We’ll invite guests to talk and discuss about the most interesting issues in the space industry.

Live Workshops

Learn from experts about the world of rocketry and how you can get started.

At the heart of where giant leaps happen.

The Midwest Rocketry Forum will be hosted virtually from Purdue University, known for their prominent Aeronautics and Astronautics research, and home to Zucrow Laboratories, the largest academic propulsion lab in the world. Purdue is also known as the “cradle of astronauts” with over 25 astronaut alumni including Loral O’Hara, Neil Armstrong, Beth Moses, and Gus Grissom.

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